A Simple Script to Get Top Passwords Cracked

Several days ago, I took a break from doing my work. I did an exercise to sharpened my “rusty” scripting skills. My goal was to develop a simple script using Ruby to get the top passwords cracked from MD5 Statistics page. This should be an interesting exercise for my brain. :D

Unfortunately, my scripting skills was so rusty, so it took me a while to code this simple script.

Here is the final result of this script :

To develop this script I used several Ruby libraries :

  • Nokogiri : to process the HTML page.
  • optparse : to process the command line options given.
  • open-uri : to connect to the remote website and get the HTML page.

The tough part was on how to use the Nokogiri to parse the HTML. You need to use the XPATH syntax to get the part you want.

Here is the core part of my script that parse the passwords section :


After getting this part, the other parts should be easy to be coded.

At the current version my script is only able to support the following options :

Unfortunately at this moment, I can’t released this script.

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