Recently I got a chance to try NetworkMiner. It’s a network forensics program. It can be used as a passive network sniffer to detect :

  • operating systems
  • sessions
  • hostnames
  • open ports
  • etc

It can also be used to analyze PCAP files.
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Windows 7 New Security Improvements

In RSA Conference 2009, Microsoft has unveiled several security improvements in Windows 7.

Here is the list :

  • Multiple Active Firewall Policies. This enables user PC to obtain and apply domain firewall profile information regardless of other networks that may be active on the PC.
  • DirectAccess. It lets mobile workers connect quickly and securely to a corporate network over any Internet connection, without having to manually access their virtual private network.
  • BitLocker. It now allows end users to right-click on a drive to quickly enable it.
  • BitLocker To Go. It’s an extension to BitLocker that allows users to encrypt the disk volume of removable storage devices with a password and/or a digital certificate stored on a smart card.
  • AppLocker. It allows IT to specify what is allowed to run on each user’s PC.
  • Network Access Protection. This allows IT to create solutions to validate computers that connect to their network and limit the access or communication of noncompliant computers.
  • MS Asset Inventory Service. It allows our IT  a comprehensive view of the enterprise desktop software environment.
  • User Access Control. Now it has fewer UAC prompts.

You can get more information on Windows Security Blog.