K3b 2.0.1 Not Able to Find cdrecord

Recently, I planned to burn several files to a CD-ROM using K3b version 2.0.1 software. Unfortunately when I started the application, it complained about missing the missing of cdrecord program. Then I checked my system and I found out the cdrecord program is in the cdrtools package. But K3b didn’t know about this.

After doing a little research I found out the solution. It’s very easy and simple. I removed the K3b configuration so it will recreate a new configuration. Here is the command I used to remove the K3b configuration file :

rm .kde4/share/config/k3brc

Note :

Several days ago I did an upgrade to my system to openSUSE 11.3. This problem may be caused by the different configuration used by previous K3b version.

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