OSSIM : Volume Group Not Found Problem

Recently I setup a machine for OSSIM 2.2. The installation process went smoothly. But after I reboot the machine and using Linux kernel 2.6.31 there is  an error message saying that my volume group is not found and the boot process stuck.

So I reboot the machine again and this time I choose Linux kernel 2.6.28. The boot process run smoothly. Unfortunately I can’t use my network card (Intel ET QuadPro). This problem can be fixed my compiling a new kernel module for that network card, but I can’t find the Linux kernel header package for this Linux kernel version.

After researching several mailing lists and forums I got several prospective solutions for my problem. One of the solution is by adding rootdelay=10 to the kernel parameter in boot time. Here is the description of rootdelay by its author :

rootdelay kernel parameter, which allows the user to specify a delay (in seconds) that the kernel should wait before trying to mount the root device.

Adding that parameter solve my problem. Simple solution egh. :D

Notes :

I am using SCSI harddisk and I am using LVM on that disk.

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