Talk : Virtualization and Security

Today, I gave a presentation about virtualization and information security in InfoKomputer Forum 2009.

My talk consists of :

  • a brief overview of virtualization.
  • several security measures that we can realized by using virtualization.
  • a case study on using virtualization in a real project.

Eventhough, there was raining for the whole morning, but  I saw a lot of  participants and the room was almost full.

After giving a talk, I also attended two sessions about virtualization. :

  • Mr Gunawan from IBM Indonesia presented about the IBM technology for Smart World. The main point of his talk was that after we ‘vealready  deployed server virtualization, we need to manage it correctly.
  • The next session was brought by Mr. Ilman from NetApp Indonesia. His main point was that we need to also consider storage virtualization. If not, we can’t achieve cost saving like we want to by going to server virtualization.

Overall, those presentations are interesting and useful.

I want to thank InfoKomputer for giving me an opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences about virtualization and security.

Last but not least, I also want to thank my friend for encouraging me to givie this presentation. You know who you are. :D

Oh, if you want to get the softcopy of my talk, just drop me an email.

My email is tedi(titik)heriyanto(di)

[Update May 25, 2009 : I have uploaded the material to Ziddu.]

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