Download YouTube Video using youtube-dl

If you have problem downloading YouTube video, such as you have small bandwidth. Usually that is the case in the less developed countries. :D But don’t be despair, there is a solution for this problem. You can use youtube-dl to, guess what, download YouTube video.

I’ve known this tool several weeks ago and I have already installed it, but due to other activities, I haven’t tested it, instead I forget about it.

Luckily, last night a friend of mine give me a YouTube URL. He said the URL is a videoclip of a foreigner, named Richardo Benito, singing a Banyuwangi dangdut song. It sounds too good to be missed.

I accessed the URL given, but I can’t hear and watch the movie clearly because of limited bandwidth. He then reminded me to download the video first. That’s when I remember about this youtube-dl tool.

To download the YouTube movie, do the following :

$ youtube-dl

Just copy paste the URL after the youtube-dl program’s name. After that, you can see the progress :

 gSJumJMt1R8: Downloading video webpage
 gSJumJMt1R8: Extracting video information
 gSJumJMt1R8: URL:
[download] Destination: gSJumJMt1R8.flv
[download]   1.0% of 14.94M at    3.94k/s ETA 64:06

Wait until it finished. You can do other activities while waiting the download.

Happy YouTubing…


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