Blog From The Past : Installing Lua

Yesterday, my friend gave me a link to Fortress (
Fortress is A simple script-based security scanner, using the LUA scripting engine for the writing of tests.

I then take a look at it and it’s quite interesting. Before I can play with it I have to install Lua first.

The Lua version provided by my distro is quite old, I check that it was developed in 2003. So I find out what is the latest version, and it’s version 5.1.
I search this version on Packman.

I found out the one provided for OpenSUSE 10.2. So I download and install them.

I’ve already anticipated that they can’t be installed easily, there should be some dependencies problems. But what surprise me, they CAN BE INSTALLED easily. Just type :

# rpm -Uvh lua-*.rpm

And it will install all Lua packages (lua, lua-devel, lua-libs)

I will post a blog whenever I have a chance to play with Fortress.


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