KKI Flash Disk v.1.0 Released

On October 5, 2007, we at the Information Security Community (KKI) released a CD containing several portable computer applications. To be able to use the applications smoothly, you need to copy the content of the CD to a USB flash disk. We call this release “The Birth” aka version 1.0.0.


The ultimate reason we created this CD is to allow ordinary computer user using software applications securely, keep his/her privacy, and legally. In order to do so, we’re very selective in choosing which application that should go in.

If you are curious, here is the application list :

* Internet Tools
– Firefox
– Thunderbird
– Pidgin
– Filezilla
– WinSCP
– Putty

* Office Applications
– OpenOffice
– SumatraPDF
– FreeMind
– Sunbird
– Metapad

* Utilities
– 7-zip
– ClamAV
– Spybot and Destroy
– Eraser
– Toucan
– WinMD5Sum
– Keepass

* Multimedia

Here is the software list map (click to enlarge) :


This release still has many shortcomings, that’s why we’re planning to develop it further.If you have any suggestions please let us know.

Stay tune and see you in the next release.

Best Regards,

Tedi Heriyanto
Your Humble Release Manager

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