Fix Backspace Key Problem in vim

Problem :

In my SUSE 9.3 Professional there is a problem in vim. The backspace key only delete new text and it doesn’t delete old text, it just gives me a system beep.

So, for example, if there is already text in the file, I cannot delete it. But if I insert new text and immediately hit the backspace key, it will delete it, but only up to the begging of the new text I have typed. If I type some new text and use the arrow keys to move around I can no longer delete the new text using the backspace key.

I can however always use the delete key to delete any text., but the delete key is not able to delete blank line.

Solution :

Just put the following in your .vimrc :


source :

2 thoughts on “Fix Backspace Key Problem in vim

  1. I had this problem with vim in OpenSuse:
    when in “Insert” mode the backspace insert “^?”, and I want to it to remove characters to the left

    Solved such way:

    I made file “~/.vimrc” in my user directory.
    The file “.vimrc” contain:

    ” copy from here start of .vimrc
    ” comment: mean you must to press these keys in that order

    set t_kb=

    ” to have mouse enabled in normal mode
    set mouse=n

    ” copy to here end of .vimrc

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